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Rush To Judgment


Chargers, Panthers, Lions, Browns, Falcons, Seahawks, Saints, Eagles, Raiders and Redskins) missed at least two games last year. Other teams, like the Jets (Leon Washington) and Cowboys (Jones) had to adjust for stretches without their change-of-pace backup. 

That's almost half the league. 

And you want to toss one of yours aside? 

Doesn't make sense. Even if you wanted to trade Barber, his sizable contract would probably complicate matters. Besides, I still think he's an important piece here when healthy. 

Maybe the running game could use some tweaks, but not a new engine. First off, I don't care who starts, but Jones needs his touches. He averaged 6.0 yards on 13.2 carries in the final six games, including playoffs. Keep him in that range. 

The Cowboys averaged 27.2 carries a game last year. Give Barber 12 or so rotating with Jones on first/second down and keep Choice as the third-down guy. I realize he's good enough for, and badly wants, more work. But you just can't give each guy 15 carries every week with Tony Romo as your quarterback. Choice may have to accept being a highly valuable insurance policy again next season. 

If the Cowboys do make a personnel change this off-season, then all this goes out the window. But they've got a rotation most teams would drool over. 

Why mess with it? 

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