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Sad State Of This Union Columnist 
Jan. 4, 2005, 6:18 p.m. (CST)   

interesting questions asked. They might have included the following: 

What coaching staff changes do you anticipate? Which will be their idea and which yours? 

Are you as down on Flozell Adams after this season as you were high on him after last, and what does that mean as far as your feelings about what you need in the offensive line? 

When Marcellus Wiley says he was lied to about how he was to be used, is there anything to that? Or did all of you just ignore the people in San Diego who couldn't wait to get him out of there last year? Is he an isolated case or a symptom of something? 

Your '04 camp secondary coach - your old player Maurice Hurst - said in Oxnard, Calif., of all the untested cornerback candidates, he thought Bruce Thornton would be the best player by season's end. Given Thornton's season-ending injury, what's your thought about him? 

Care to tell us who on your roster you just can't win with? 

What happens if you and Jerry Jones honestly can't agree on whether Drew Henson or Vinny Testaverde should be the opening day quarterback next fall? 

But never mind. There will be no answers. You can read the transactions column in the paper and find out what happens. 

Maybe someone will tell you later why.                                                       

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