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Scout's Eye: Promising CB Among Undrafted Class


FRISCO, Texas – All through the pre-draft process, it feels like there are players you could be doing more work on.

The Cowboys' activity in undrafted free agency proves exactly why. On Saturday night, they signed seven different free agents with draftable grades on their board – which should provide even more competition on the roster when this group reports to training camp.

To familiarize myself – and you – with the newcomers, I'll be brushing up on my tape and writing reports on these guys over the next few days.

My reports conclude today with a look at a promising young cornerback.

Name: Chris Westry

Position: CB

College: Kentucky

Height/Weight: 6'4/199

Scouting Report:

  • A lot of times, a player's measurements are exaggerated – but not this guy. At 6'4, Westry is incredibly rangy, with long length.
  • He'll need to refine his technique a bit. He tends to grab his man in coverage.
  • But he will fight to stay in position.
  • You see some start-stop quickness to his game. Can close ground when he has to.
  • Despite his large frame, he can move well. He will turn and run with his man.
  • There are snaps where his balance is not great, but he moves confidently. He will turn, open his hips and react to what he sees.
  • Carries his man across the field with ease. Not much separation to his game.
  • He does a good job of keeping things in front of him.
  • Overall, this is a promising player – worth being excited about. I worry about how much he grabs and holds. He will need some technique work with Kris Richard to help him here.

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