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Scout's Notebook: Taking One Final Look At Sunday Scrimmage

Just a couple more thoughts from the scrimmage after a closer look…

Offensive tackles Tyron Smith and Doug Free had the hands full the majority of the day against DeMarcus Ware and Victor Butler. Ware is one of those players that has a wide range of traits but his quickness and explosion off the ball but one he doesn't get much credit for is his strength and the power he plays with. There was a rep on Sunday where Ware just put his head down and bull rushed Smith right into the backfield and into Romo's lap. Smith was in good position on his set but Ware just got under him and walked the 317 pound tackle back. Butler was a problem off the edge two different times where Free was unable to adjust quickly enough out of his stance to stop Free. On the Romo touchdown run, Free had to grab Butler's jersey to keep him from running the play down from the backside and potentially making the stop.

Cornerback Brandon Carr could have had two interceptions of Tony Romo but the first one he did have was a beauty. Dez Bryant tries the run the "4" or In route with Carr in tow. Romo has to slide to his left to avoid the twist stunt when Arkin was late out of his stance and failed to handle Ware. Romo makes an off balance throw moving left which causes the ball to sail away from Bryant on the crossing route. Carr is positioned behind Bryant, sees the ball and drives in the route putting him in perfect position to snatch the ball out of the air for the interception. It was a poor throw by Romo but an even better play by Carr.

Running back DeMarco Murray is really a complete back. We all know of his ability with the ball in his hands as a runner and you will see him blitz pick up with some pop but as a receiver, he is outstanding. On Sunday, Murray lines up as a wing to the left in the formation, DeMarcus Ware is to the inside of him and Sean Lee over the top. Murray at the snap, fakes like he is going to block on the edge on Ware which freezes Lee. When Lee stopped, Murray took off up the field with Lee scrambling to catch up in the route. Lee is one on one with Murray in space up the left side. Romo sees this all the way and is able to float the ball to Murray who jumps up in the air to catch it at its highest point with Lee all over his chest. It was outstanding coverage by Lee but a better job by Murray finishing the play.

Chalk this one up to the replacement officials but receiver Dez Bryant makes a circus catch along the sidelines on a rope from Tony Romo with Orlando Scandrick driving on the route. Bryant is able to haul the pass in while two officials signal it was in fact a catch. If the play was challenged by Rob Ryan and his defensive staff it would have been no catch. Bryant was able to get his left foot down but his right was still in the air which proves that these replacement officials need training camp too.

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