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Scouting Report: What Does Randall Cobb Add?


FRISCO, Texas – You've probably heard the news by now.

The Cowboys made one of their biggest signings in recent free agent history on Tuesday, as they signed Pro Bowl slot receiver Randall Cobb on a one-year contract. Cobb comes to Dallas after eight productive years in Green Bay, where he developed into one of Aaron Rodgers' most trusted targets.

Cobb has been one of the most visible receivers in the NFL for years now, so you probably knew that already. Beyond that, let's take a deeper look at how he might help the Cowboys' offense as their new slot receiver.

Name: Randall Cobb
Position: WR
College: Kentucky
Height: 5-10
Weight: 192
Experience:9th season
Draft:Selected in the second round, 64th overall, in 2011 by Green Bay

  • Cobb generally lines up tight to the formation. He has quickness off the snap and plays with his eyes. He has a feel for what the defense is trying to do to him. You can see him plotting his route before the snap.
  • Smooth route runner. Runs them at the same speed. No wasted steps or movement.
  • He's a savvy veteran and can work a cornerback with his movements. Good at finding space in tight quarters.
  • Catches everything in his hands. He is especially good when working away from the quarterback. He had a rare drop against Washington last year where he had perfect separation and just let the ball hit off his hands. It would have been a huge play.
  • Plays beyond the sticks. This is a north-south runner. He has a feel for where he is on the field. Not going to shy away from the contact. Will put his head down to fight for extra yards.
  • Makes the contested catch. Top shelf concentration when dealing with traffic.
  • This might be the most crucial part of Cobb's skill set: hhows the flex to play in several different spots. You can move him all over the formation to create opportunities. He was a big part of the screen package in Green Bay, especially on third downs.
  • His best work comes when he can work underneath and quickly. The idea is to get the ball in his hands and let him go.
  • Similar player to Cole Beasley but more dynamic after the catch, which provides a little edge.

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