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Some Well-Placed Spit

forward and faked like I was going to blast him in the mouth just like I always did. 

Instead, all in one motion, I dipped down and dove between his legs and scrambled on my stomach with my elbows, like those soldiers trying to stay beneath the barbwire.  

For a split second I actually thought I had a chance, then, I felt the weight of three armored tanks crushing the barbed wire and everything under it.  

While flattened and breathless, I felt a shock of electricity fire up my leg. Conrad was stomping on the back of my calf with 1-inch steel cleats. From five holes ran a flow of blood that only he could take pleasure in seeing. 

Dan Dierdorf made the Hall of Fame because he was tough, aggressive, talented, athletic and honorable. Then there was this mess of a person, Conrad Dobler. And a *

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