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Son Of Ryan


after all this time since, he's reportedly on his way to Buffalo as the Bills next defensive coordinator. 

Who knew, right? 

And do yourself a favor. Do not start listening to whatever comments might be coming from players, especially any disparaging ones or those from "sources." Because look, they liked Wade, they admittedly liked playing for him. And what did that render? Please. 

You don't have to like the defensive coordinator, or the head coach for that matter. You just have to play for the guy. I would hesitate to poll the Cowboys players on Landry until after they retired. My guess is he would have had an unfavorable approval rating back then. So they don't get a vote. This is not a democracy. They just get a job. Opinions are optional. 

And speaking of jobs, the Cowboys thought it the right thing to bring back 10 of 11 starters in 2010. My guess is half of those guys might not be back anyway when and if there is a 2011, and with a new head coach and defensive coordinator in charge, who knows, maybe fewer than that. 

So maybe the proper answer to the ubiquitous question should be: 

We'll see. Right? 

But for what it's worth, here is what I like. Those commenting on Rob Ryan, and that includes Garrett, who you can hear this weekend on Cowboys Huddle either in the Dallas Cowboys Television Network's market or here on, all seem to be of one opinion. 

Players play hard for Rob Ryan. That players respond to Rob Ryan. 

That he brings passion to the job. That he thrives on aggression, and maybe not so much in his style of attacking but more so in how his players seem to individually perform. The word viciousness comes to mind, and good gosh this Cowboys defense could stand for some viciousness that will be vogue in Sunday's conference title games I do promise. 

All good stuff. 

Plus remember, Rob Ryan is not an independent contractor out here. He works for Garrett. They devise a plan and go forward. Trust and cohesion are required, yet must be developed. 

Who knows, come to think of it, maybe that's why Tom Landry handled all three jobs - head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator - for so long, and until he won that first Super Bowl 40 seasons ago. He only had to answer to himself. 

But brother, that sure too was a lot of blame to shoulder those first 11 seasons. Could you just imagine?     

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