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Starting ... Now!

!DeMarcus Ware was the last first-round rookie to start every game for the Cowboys.

getting a sense for, you'll see if a guy - which would be hard to do - can step out here and be natural," Jones said of his trip to Mobile, Ala. "You'll see if he looked comfortable out here running routes. Some of these guys when they're in college, they've been coached up. They know with the weekly game plan or if they've been practicing, they know where the other players are. It's a different thing when you don't know where they're going to be." 

Nobody who comes to the NFL is going to be a finished product, but maybe they can be close, at least from a physical standpoint, which is what picking this high is all about. The Cowboys have to load up at some position with a superior athlete. Keep in mind that there may not be Organized Team Activities, minicamps or an extended training camp this year. 

If they're serious about turning this thing around quickly, the Cowboys need to supplement the team they have with someone who just can't be kept off the field. 

"We're certainly a long way from starting over with the talent that we've got on the team," Jones said. "But we all know that we have areas that we can improve our roster, and we will be. But I think with the talent that we've got, plus what we can get in this draft, that we can again be one of the more talented teams." 

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