Staying Energized

Written by Nicole Bulcher

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming … but not literally swimming!

Many cheerleaders lead busy lives outside of DCC responsibilities and while locker room chit-chat involves many topics, a frequent one is about what keeps us going throughout the day.

Coffee is definitely in the lead because many of us LOVE our Starbucks, McCafes and Drip concoctions. Frappachino lights, nonfat, sugar-free vanilla lattes, americanos, and ice tea all seem to be routine occurrences in the busy-girl lifestyle. Others opt for Emergen-C's, multivitamins, or the 5-hour energy drink to keep them going through the afternoon to survive evening practices.

While I do love coffee, naps are my essential! Even if the nap is only for 12 minutes while I'm in a tanning bed, that will suffice. Or if I accidentally sleep for two hours between work and practice, that's great, too. Basically, I feel great after a nap of any length, but I know a lot of people where that isn't the case.

Doing an early morning workout is also what a few of the girls admit energizes them for the day. Sunni is an avid 5:30 am boot camper because it wakes her up. She told me she doesn't even need coffee anymore. She's amazing!

Ashton is also up early because she has to do her Bikram before school starts. Yes, working out in the morning gets you going for the day, but because it's so early, the pain while you're actually doing it seems less … maybe because you're not totally coherent yet. It's hard to explain, but it's true.

Being a DCC means being constantly on the go and keeping a stash of energizing options in our arsenal to make us successful as a team. While our tricks and daily rituals are definitely handy, the real source for maintaining balance is personal organization and time management. We each respond differently to stress and fatigue, but the ability to balance it out and understand what our bodies need is important. Working out, indulging in coffee, and taking naps are all just little pieces in the big picture.

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