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Still No Drew

!Pearson retired after the 1983 season with 489 catches, 7,822 yards and 48 TDs.

field. We all remember Tony Dorsett breaking 99 yards for a touchdown. Would Dorsett have made it to the end zone without Pearson blocking down the field? 

This Cowboys franchise oozes history. They sell T-shirts boasting about five Super Bowls and all the success they've had. And Drew Pearson was a part of all of it.  

However, there is some thinking that no more Cowboys from the '70s will get in. Maybe that's not the case, who knows. But in speaking to Rick Gosselin, a longtime writer for The Dallas Morning News, and a Hall-of-Fame voter on the Cowboys' behalf, he seems to think that era has seen its last Dallas Cowboys Hall-of-Famer.  

His theory is that if the Steelers are done putting in players from the '70s, stopping at nine players who played predominantly in that decade, then the Cowboys likely are as well.  

And for those who think there is a huge bias among the Steelers, just remember, they have nine players from that era and won four Super Bowls. The Cowboys have seven players from the '70s and won just two.  

For every Harvey Martin or Ed "Too Tall" Jones that people think should get in, the Steelers have an L.C. Greenwood or Donnie Shell.  

Another thing Gosselin said about those Hall of Fame discussions is that not one time that he can recall has there even been a mentioning about the Cowboys' Ring of Honor, or any other team's Ring of Honor, for that matter.  

There's a belief that people sit around in that room and say things like, "Well, if they're not good enough to make their own Ring of Honor for their team, why should they make the Hall of Fame?"  

Sounds logical. It isn't though. Look who makes the call for the Cowboys - one person.  

The NFL has set up a system of several people all across the country that are supposed to form an opinion about the Hall of Fame. Who cares if the Cowboys have a guy in their own or not? Now, from the team's perspective, it certainly looks better if you've got a guy already in your own Ring when the Hall of Fame comes calling. But, it's not a prerequisite.  

And with that, I've said this before, too, but I honestly believe Drew Pearson will one day see his name in the Ring of Honor.  

Hopefully, we can say the same thing about the Hall of Fame. Both are long overdue.            

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