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T.O. All The Time Columnist 
Jan. 31, 2004, 5:26 p.m. (CST)   

he's been doing a radio show regularly for Fox out there. 

And still working TV in Philly is former Cowboys linebacker Garry Cobb, also a former Eagle who played for the Cowboys for two years, 1988-89.   

All About The Ring 

Noticed Washington wearing one of his two Super Bowl Rings, and Reid said that's what the Super Bowl is all about - winning a ring - and why he wears his year round, and has it here with him. 

"It's something that players can see," Reid said. "I don't think the players are playing for money. That's not what they're doing. They're playing for the ring."   

What A Card 

Boy, that Bill Belichick, what a comedian. He actually caused a few smiles to break out during his press conference here Monday afternoon. Again, though, comedy is relative. 

On what did he learn from his head coaching days in Cleveland: "If you're the head coach, you don't want to see the team move in the middle of the year." 

On when did he see something special in quarterback Tom Brady: "Well, there was a special moment in New Orleans," Belichick dead-panned, referring to the last-minute drive which ended with Adam Vinatieri's game-winning, 48-yard field goal as time expired in the 20-17 victory over the St. Louis Rams. 

On if he expected Terrell Owens to play at 100 percent on Sunday: "Of course." 

Real funny stuff, huh?   

Super Shots 

The results of fans' Pepsi Rookie of the Year voting on will be announced here Thursday afternoon. Evidently, Cowboys running back Julius Jones was a Johnny-come lately, since he's not among the five finalists: Seattle Safety Michael Boulware, Tampa Bay wide receiver Michael Clayton, Detroit running back Kevin Jones, Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Jets linebacker Jonathan Vilma . . . . Not exactly beach weather here so far - highs in the mid-50's and the low Monday night is expected to be in the low 40's . . . . The NFL is proud to report a record paid attendance for the 2004 regular season, the 256 games attracting 17,000,811 paying customers. That's an average of 66,409 per game . . . . Reid said this game is not about the money, but . . . the winners do get $68,000 while the losers grab a consolation of $36,500. If you are wondering, when the Cowboys won Super Bowl XXVII, they each pocketed $36,000 . . . . And the Pats become the first Super Bowl winners to return the next year since Denver did so following the 1997-98 seasons. Guess this happens every decade, Green Bay in the 60's, Pittsburgh in the 70's, San Francisco in the 80's, Dallas and Denver in the 90's and now New England in the 00's.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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