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TBT: Battle of Elite Teams Featured First Rodgers Moment, Popcorn Feast & More

It was a Thursday night showdown between two of the best teams in the NFL as the Packers and Cowboys met at Texas Stadium with identical 10-1 records.

But the night didn't exactly go as planned, at least for the Packers, who lost Brett Favre early in the game due to injury. But the young Aaron Rodgers showed why he was a first-round pick, taking over with 201 passing yards and two scores. He brought the Packers back from a 27-10 deficit and had his team in position before Tony Romo and the Cowboys regained momentum again.

Romo's TD pass to Patrick Crayton, followed by a game-clinching field goal from rookie kicker Nick Folk, put the game away in the fourth quarter for a 37-27 win.

Earlier in the game, Terrell Owens made good on his famous press conference quote from the previous season when he signed with the team in march, warning fans to "Get you popcorn ready because it's gonna be a show."

True to his word, Owens was handed a cup of popcorn after scoring a touchdown and dumped it into his facemask in the end zone, creating a lasting visual as one of T.O.'s most memorable celebrations. Owens had a memorable game on the field as well, catching seven passes for 156 yards.

The Cowboys won the game and established control for home-field advantage in the playoffs, despite losing their first game to the Giants in the NFC Divisional round.

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