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The Bond Created By Hayden Hurst & Dak Prescott  

Week 2 vs Falcons | 9.20.2020
Week 2 vs Falcons | 9.20.2020

The Cowboys' Sept. 20 win over the Falcons back in Week 2 will be remembered for a lot of reasons.

Mostly for the wild comeback the Cowboys needed to win 40-39, including a bizarre onside kick.

But what happened after the game apparently has had a lasting effect and could turn out to help many others.

The postgame exchange between Atlanta tight end Hayden Hurst and Dak Prescott, was caught on video with sound. Despite the Falcons blowing a 20-point lead to lose a heartbreaker, Hurst caught up to Dak as he was leaving the field. He told him how much he appreciated Dak's comments about mental health, including anxiety and depression.

Hurst has dealt with his own personal issues involving mental health, which has been chronicled in The Player's Tribune and "Outside the Lines."

That quick on-field meeting didn't even last 10 seconds but it was inspiring to many, especially Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who applauded both players fore their courage to speak out on difficult topics.

Since then, Hurst's foundation has received hundreds of donations for $8.14, symbolizing the numbers by the two players.

Check out an extensive feature article on that highlights the history of this event and how it could help so many others down the road.