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The Year Of Emmitt

!Emmitt is the only player to win Super Bowl and NFL MVP honors and a rushing title in the same year.

in the playoffs one year. Bernie Kosar won some games, even finished off the NFC Championship in 1993 when Aikman had a concussion.  

Rodney Peete and Jason Garrett carried the load at times and the Cowboys could win.  

They couldn't win without Emmitt Smith, especially in 1993.  

Smith had a day to remember in Philadelphia, rushing for 237 yards on Halloween in a rainy game at Veterans Stadium. Since then, no other player has ever rushed for more than 200 yards in a game for the Cowboys.  

When the season ended with a 12-4 record, Smith still won another rushing title with 1,486 yards, despite missing the first two games.  

The reason the Cowboys weren't 11-5 was because of Emmitt, who willed the team to a win despite a shoulder separation that occurred in the second quarter of the season finale against the Giants. In obvious pain, Smith pushed through, rushing for 168 yards and catching 10 passes for 61 more and a touchdown. He was the workhorse in overtime, leading the way for a game-winning field goal which clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.  

Smith was the NFL's MVP and a few weeks later, he claimed Super Bowl MVP honors against the Bills. Many people, and I'm one of them, claim that James Washington probably should've won the award - getting an interception, forcing a fumble and returning another fumble for a touchdown that tied the game after halftime.  

But Smith was remarkable, too. In the second half, he carried the ball seven straight times, including a touchdown that gave Dallas the lead. He later scored a second touchdown on a fourth-and-one call that iced the game.  

No doubt about it, 1993 was the year of Emmitt Smith. He had other great years - of course he did. He made eight Pro Bowls and had 11 straight 1,000-yard seasons.  

However, no other year was like 1993. When Emmitt goes into the Hall of Fame Saturday night in Canton, Ohio, there will plenty of stories to go around.  

You watch, most of them will be about 1993.              

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