These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

There is nothing quite like when your work world and personal world collide. After working for the Cowboys for over four years, I can still say that any time these situations arise, it's still just as cool as the first time.

I've been a Kacey Musgraves fan for a while now, and when she came to film a CMT episode this year, needless to say, I was a little star struck. I can honestly say I know every word to every song she sings, and when you have that kind of love for an artist, it's pretty exciting to be looking across our dance studio at them. It's not every day you get to meet one of your favorite artists. One thing that is always fun to witness, is how a lot of the time, these stars also get star struck by meeting our DCC. Typically, it is just as exciting for the celeb, getting to meet the world famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, as it is for our girls to meet a specific artist. Kacey was no exception. When Kelli and Judy gifted her her own pair of custom white Lucchese boots, you could tell this was a Texas girl who grew up idolizing America's Sweethearts.

After filming the episode, and spending a little time together, we found out she would be performing at the State Fair of Texas. It was mutually agreed upon that it would be perfect for the DCC to perform with Kacey at the show. Personally, it was my first State Fair experience (yes fellow Texans, these people do indeed exist who have never attended the State Fair), and a great one at that. After I shamelessly experienced my first fried s'more, it was time to head back to the State Fair stage for the show. I was able to watch the whole concert, and had a front row seat for when our DCC stepped on the stage.

The crowd was already belting out every word to each song, and when the DCC took the stage with Kacey for her encore performance of "Boots" by Nancy Sinatra, the volume went up even another octave. Kacey came back on stage sporting her own white Lucchesses to match the DCC for the final song of the night, and what a finale it was. Some artists can leave some to be desired after a personal encounter with them, but Kacey and her team were just the opposite. The show was dynamite from beginning to end and I'm grateful for these experiences the DCC world allows me to have.

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