This Foolishness Truly Super

that type of day. 

Now Miss Nevada was prancing around wearing either a shirt not long enough or jeans not high enough, not sure which as I analyzed that reporter's outfit, but then she didn't have much staying power since she covered her silver sash up with a sweatshirt to combat the chilly morning. Come on. 

Then there was Boston native Maria Menounos, of I believe ET, interviewing Brady from behind the pack, making sure the TV cameras caught her wearing her autographed Brady jersey. John Salley had to make a spectacle of himself for The Best Damn Sports Show. And there was some guy walking around with a puppet and then the guy from Telemundo - not be outdone by the Hispanic TV counterparts - dressed up as a Swami. 

See what I mean. Sometimes it's just better to sit back and go with the flow. This day is not about football, and it seems the players are much better prepared for the foolishness that takes place on the Tuesday of Super Bowl week than they were, oh, say, 10-15 years ago when most thought they were coming here just to play a game. 

But it's not just that, it's an event, and while the Giants seemed to handle their hour-long session very well, the Patriots, well, let's just say this is old hat to them, making their fourth appearance this decade - this century. They know the routine. 

Even Randy Moss was cordial and engaging. Accommodating, too, which a friend of mine claims he certainly wasn't the time he drove all the way to Marshall University to interview him while he was in college, only for Moss to wear his helmet and continually turn his back to him while answering questions, the sweetheart that he was. 

When asked who was the best receiver all-time, Moss said Jerry Rice. When asked if it bothered him he hasn't caught but two passes in the playoffs so far, he said, "Ten years in the league, I just want it," meaning the title. 

And when confronted about his affableness on this day, he said, "You know why I'm talking more this year? The league sent me a note saying they'd fine me if I didn't talk more." 

He stayed past the second announcement proclaiming the Patriots' session had been completed. Guess he just wanted to make doubly sure. 

Some day. 

So we can get back to football tomorrow, but even at that, maybe days like this help us keep this game in perspective, not that I'm insinuating there needs to be any added perspective on this topic of late. 

But at least listen to Brady's answer when told because this game and his performance and his team's performance give him such a platform, what's his purpose? 

"Wow, that's a deep question," Brady said. "My purpose in life? My God, I play football. I happen to do that good enough to get here and have this platform, but I don't think any of us cure cancer. I don't think any of us . . . you know, you think about the impact you have on people, and if we can perform some type of entertainment for people to change the subject a little bit in life, I think that's a great thing. At the same time, we are blessed to be doing this." 

Playing this game of football, the higher significance no more apparent than today. 

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