Three Months Away...

Written by Cassie Trammell

I am now only three months away from my wedding, and let me just say that there is still a lot to do! I never realized just how much goes into planning a wedding.

My mom and I have finally cracked and asked for help from a former DCC who is now a wedding planner. She is helping SO much. Let's face it, I'm clueless about details that go into the big day, and my mom got to the point to where it was just too much to plan in too little time.

So far I am doing well with the pre-wedding checklist. I have a photographer and I've taken my engagement pictures and sent out save-the-dates, which is definitely not something to brag about because I am a little behind on the timeline. When it comes to photography, I have no idea when or where I am taking my bridal shots, but we have a few dates in mind so that should be simple.

I also have the venues set for the wedding and the rehearsal dinner, so that is all good. Collin's family is taking care of all the planning for the rehearsal dinner, which is a huge relief. Catering for the reception is all planned out, and I have completed my tastings and chosen the dinner and linens. That was a piece of cake!

Speaking of cake, I at least have someone set in stone to make the cake. I just haven't chosen what it is going to look like yet! I did several tastings before I decided who was actually going to make the masterpiece, and I picked out my flavors and icings, so I just have to decide on some designs and check that off the list.

Of course, the list is long. I still have to choose invitations, send them out, start an RSVP list, and finalize the headcount for the wedding. Am I stressing you out yet? On top of all that, I just got my dress in recently and it was too big, so it is being fitted. Now I have to maintain the exact same weight and size I am right now! I did order a veil, which still isn't here, and I don't really know what it's going to look like. I picked it out in March while I was in New York, but they lost all of my information, so from a semi-blurry photo, they tried to match the veil and send me something similar. Hopefully that works out!

I am in the process of getting wedding ring details worked out for both of us, so that can be checked off the list pretty soon. And last but not least, I have officially planned my honeymoon! Now I just have to pray that nothing comes up with school or DCC during that time frame.

Other than that, I think I am on the ball with all the help that I have. It has been no easy task thus far, but the last few months should be a breeze, right? I'm kidding. I know now is when the real stress starts. At least I am staying busy until April with DCC offseason events, so I will have less time to stress about all the wedding details!


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