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Two-Minute Drill: Romo Discusses Sunday Scrimmage

OXNARD, Calif. –On Sunday Tony Romo got his first chance to do what will be asked of him all season long: lead his offense down the field and score points. In the Blue-White Scrimmage, Romo looked sharp spreading the ball around and finding his receivers against an improved Cowboys' defense.

Afterwards, Romo took a moment to discuss the scrimmage, the development of Demarco Murray and what he saw from his receivers and the Cowboys' newest defensive acquisition.

What do you get out of a scrimmage like this?

Romo:It's good to get out here and test ourselves. We obviously script a lot of stuff, but when we get out here no one really knows what's coming from the other side. It's good to get out here and battle.

Are there things that you notice in a scrimmage like this that help you find things you need to work on?

Romo:I'm always working on stuff. Practice tape is always important. Today was just another practice for me. You build off of it and see what you can work on.

What did you think some of the young receivers looked like in the scrimmage?

Romo:They're coming along. I thought they did some good things today. We're still growing. We need some guys to step up and make some plays, but we're going to need them obviously.

Do you think DeMarco Murray has picked up where he left off last year?

Romo:DeMarco has had a great camp so far. He's working hard. He's getting a better understanding of the offense as a whole. He's going to have a good year this year.I just think he's good. I think he's continuing to show signs of why everybody has liked him. He's got a good burst. He sees it well. As he continues to get better with all the football knowledge that comes with your first couple years he'll become a special player.

What did you see from Brandon Carr?

Romo:Brandon did a good job. He had an interception today on one of the routes. He got inside on a coverage that he shouldn't have been able to do. That's a great and terrible thing at the same time. I'm excited about that. If he can get in there and do that then that's going to help us a lot.

Can you explain why this year is going to be different for the Cowboys?

Romo:We're just trying to go to work and get better and improve each day. We're not thinking about years past. This is a different football team.

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