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What Happens When The Walls Tumble Down

not get down from their platforms some 40 to 50 feet high. They rode their platforms down to the ground with the rest of the building's walls, a five-second, take-your-breath-away ride they can't possibly duplicate at Six Flags and lived to talk about it. 

  They miraculously walked off with but cuts and bruises. And when I saw Sam Cromley come limping down the hallway today, I called to him, "Come here. Let me touch a miracle." Seriously. 

  Everyone has their own story. Probably all 70 or so of us who were in the building, including 26 of the 27 players participating in this rookie minicamp Saturday afternoon, along with all our fellow staffers and cohorts in the media. And that includes our youngest-ever intern Scott, who was attending his first Cowboys practice with Think he had the high school story of the day Monday? If that didn't scare him away, he's got a future in this business. 

  But tell you what, for the next, gosh, I don't know what, two hours maybe as time seemed to freeze and adrenalin masked injuries, I never was more proud to be a part of a company or organization - team if you will. These were our people, the folks we see every day we come to work, and for some of us, have seen for decades. Without being maudlin, our extended family, some of the longtime media friends included. 

  Look, I've scratched and clawed playing on the same adult hockey team with Chris Hall, always the stabilizing force of the team. I've played tennis with Rich Behm's wife, and it's a darn good thing it was doubles and she was *

of Monday's workout in the absence of debris-free fields. 

  Greg Ellis. Tony Romo. Jason Witten. Felix Jones. There must have been like 20 of them in this particular group, all trotting by. They were carrying on. 

  The rest of us will I'm sure, and with a greater appreciation of life. All I ask, though, is to just give us time.   

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