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What Might Make The Run Game More Effective?


FRISCO, Texas – As might be expected in these circumstances, Jerry Jones was just one of many people to be weigh in on the decision making in Sunday's loss to Minnesota.

The big difference is that the Cowboys' owner and general manager has a unique perspective on the commentary that surrounds the country's most popular sport – and he embraces it.

"We all can make our play calls in our minds," Jones said Tuesday morning. "That's the beauty of our game is that each of us get to do that, and we get to do it after the play is run."

The Cowboys' coaches and players may disagree with the "beauty" part, given the amount of criticism they've faced in the wake of that 28-24 loss to the Vikings. In particular, their commitment to a run game that struggled to gain any traction against Minnesota's defense has been a constant source of consternation.

To that end, Jones had a suggestion of his own about how the Cowboys can vary their approach.

"We can make some adjustments in our run game and give us some better results," he said. "I see us utilizing what we're basically developing, and that's the ability to use our quarterback and run-pass option game. That's going to, with some adjustments we can make in our blocking, that we can do better than we did Sunday."

Jones raises a point that has come up a lot in the past two days. Sunday marked just the fourth time in his 60-game career that Dak Prescott did not have a rushing attempt. Heading into that game, he had 27 attempts on the season for 175 yards – a career-best average of 6.5 yards per carry.

For an offense that was stopped on a fateful 4th-and-5, perhaps that could have made the difference.

That said, Jones wasn't overly critical of the Cowboys' performance. For all the talk of the Cowboys not passing the ball enough, he pointed out that Prescott's 46 attempts were the most this season.

"Well, I don't know that we kept running. We threw right at 400 yards," Jones said. "And so, candidly, we made the adjustments. Those adjustments, the way we look at it, it got us into our passing when they shut down the run."