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What To Watch For Enter your zip code and your pre-paid parking lot number or select cash parking for directions. * Know that an "obvious" route may not be the fastest route. * Pay attention to digital signage that may mark new roads. * Do not use traditional mapping services or automobile GPS. They do not have the latest information. * Carpool if possible. * Know that your departure route may differ from traditional exits from the Arlington entertainment district. * Your ticket provides a specific gate entrance. This entry gate is assigned based on seat location to make it easy to find your seat once you are in the building. Not all tickets will be accepted at every entrance. * The stadium doors and roof will be open so dress appropriately. Currently, the weather forecast for Sunday is partly cloudy, high of 88?. * Prohibited Items - The following items will not be allowed into the stadium: * o Large bags, backpacks or carry bags. Women's purses are allowed but contents will be inspected.
o Food, drinks or beverages of any kind (including bottled water)
o Video or audio recording devices of any kind
o Professional cameras. Only small, pocket-sized personal cameras will be allowed.

  • The following information will be helpful to fans with the Party Pass Ticket: Your party pass ticket provides a specific entrance. Please review whether or not your pass says East or West and enter that end of the stadium. * Once in the stadium you are free to move freely within each of the party decks and open spaces on the main concourse. * Some party pass areas of the stadium may fill to capacity. When that occurs, you will no longer be provided access to those specific areas. * The outdoor plazas have restrooms, outdoor bars and discount pricing on food and beverage after kickoff. Large video screens with live broadcasts of the game are on the plazas just outside the party decks. * Your party pass does not provide you with a seat. Standing room viewing along the rails is on a first come, first served basis. * Please be respectful of our other season ticket holders and do not sit in reserved seating areas. If you are found to be in a seating area without the proper ticket, you will be removed.
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