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Who's Who 2

Written by Ally Traylor

In late September, I wrote an article entitled Who's Who, listing several statistics about the 2011 squad, and invited you to send in all of your burning questions. Well, you asked and now I'm answering.

But first, here are some fun stats to keep you up-to-date on the 2011 squad!

5'9" Height of Tallest DCC (Lauren Williams)
5'2" Height of Mightiest DCC (Mackenzie Lee)

One Mother


Sasha Agent

Four Former Kilgore College Rangerettes

Emma Mary
Meghan Michelle
Amelia Bren
Cassie Kathleen

Four Former NBA Dancers

Sunni Cranfill – Dallas Mavericks
Veronica Ann – San Antonio Spurs
Sasha Agent – Sacramento Kings
Colleen Meghan – Cleveland Cavaliers

One Former 49ers Cheerleader

Jacqueline Bob

Two Pro Bowl Cheerleaders on the 2011 Squad

Brittany Evans – 2010 DCC Pro Bowl Cheerleader
Jacqueline Bob – 2009 49ers Pro Bowl Cheerleader

One Former Disney Performer

Brittany Evans – "Alice" from Alice in Wonderland for Disney Cruise Lines

One Former Professional Rugby Cheerleader

Angela Rena – Australia's Manly Sea Eagles

Six Seasons of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team on CMT

Season six airs Fridays at 10/9 p.m. CST

When tweeting about the show, be sure to use the hashtag #DCCmakingtheteam and watch the show trend!


In my previous Who's Who article, I listed the relationship status of this year's squad. I guess I should be careful when writing through my insomnia because my numbers were off … SORRY!

Here are the correct stats on DCC relationships:

One Married DCC
Brittany Evans – Congrats on your fourth wedding anniversary!

Six Engaged DCC
Holly Arielle
Sunni Cranfill
Kaitlin Ilseng
Katy Marie
Cassie Trammell
Ashton Torres

27 Single/In a Relationship/"It's Complicated" DCC

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