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Williams' Toe Touch Touchdown Brings Back Memories Of Seattle

ARLINGTON, Texas – Thursday's win against Washington had its share of moments, but it'd be a shame to overshadow the tight rope walk done by Terrance Williams for the Cowboys' second touchdown of the day.

Dak Prescott rolled right and found Williams for a 10-yard touchdown in the second quarter. But the box score doesn't do justice to Williams' absurd toe drag to get both feet down in bounds.

It was a play eerily reminiscent of Williams' gigantic third down conversion in Seattle in 2014. It was also utterly unsurprising to his teammates.

"I call him Sweet Feet," said Dez Bryant. "That's who he is – Terrance Williams, Sweet Feet. I've been calling him that."

It was Williams' only catch of the night, but it was one of the highlights of the entire game. The fourth-year receiver said he works on his footwork consistently in practice.

But as thrilled as he might be about the touchdown, Williams was less enthusiastic when asked if he liked the "Sweet Feet" moniker.

"Not really, but that's what Dez calls me – so I've got to go by it," he said.

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