Wishful Thinking?

Regardless of the new veterans available, Doug Free should be the top priority.

is probably a better strong safety, but can play free as well. If he's signed, then you have your choice of still getting any safety on the market, or even promoting from within. With Sensabaugh in the fold, you could conceivably let the likes of Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Barry Church and Alan Ball fight it out for the other starting spot. However . . .

5. Abram Elam - Forget that last sentence, let's get a veteran in here. This team has been trying to figure it out at safety for years. Sign Elam up and you've got a player that is familiar with Rob Ryan's defense and even with the Cowboys organization, having played a season here in 2006. He'd be relatively cheap compared to the likes of Michael Huff, Eric Weddle, Quitin Mikel and Dawan Landry.

6. Kyle Kosier - I wouldn't think the Cowboys give him a long-term deal seeing that he's 32 years old, but Kosier still has some good years left. It just doesn't seem like David Arkin has a chance to be ready to start this year. And even though Montrae Holland would be a solid contributor, his services might be needed at right guard, depending on what the Cowboys decide to do with Leonard Davis.

7. Marcus Spears - While there are some out there who think the Cowboys should bring in another veteran defensive end such as Cullen Jenkins or Kris Jenkins, re-signing Spears would probably be cheaper and possibly just as effective. If his job is to shore up the run defense, Spears is proven to have done that. Maybe his demand will be lower than usual coming off last year's injury. But from understanding his position, his effectiveness on the field and his presence in the locker room, keeping Spears would be a big plus.

8. Sam Hurd - Captains are hard to come by. Say what you want about the special teams play from last year, but Hurd was still the team's best player. It might be hard to convince him to stay for a relatively lower price, but his contributions were vital last year. We know what Hurd is as a receiver, but let's be honest, he'd be the clear-cut No. 4 receiver if camp started today. Behind Miles, Dez and Roy, Hurd is the fourth-best - way ahead of Kevin Ogletree, Jesse Holley and Manny Johnson.

9. Joe Lefeged - He's one of the top safeties that didn't get drafted. The Rutgers standout is tough, physical and smart and knows where he needs to be on the field. At this point, you might as well try to get the best available rookie safety, and other than Clemson's DeAndre McDaniel, Lefeged is right there at the top.

10. Terrence Toliver - Another undrafted free agent with some name recognition. Many thought Toliver might go in the middle rounds but his was name never called. He played big-time college football and that might help his transition to the NFL, considering the lack of an offseason this year. With the Cowboys' wide receiver depth so thin, a player like Toliver might have a legit chance to come in and make the squad.

There's 10 free agents the Cowboys could go after once this thing is done. That'd be my own personal wish list. Maybe you think a veteran free agent defensive end is missing, but I think this team should stand pat with their own guys here. Bowen and Spears can be effective, and maybe I'm hedging my bet that Rob Ryan's defense can get a little more out of them.

The Asomugha thing is tricky because I'm not 100 percent convinced that signing him is the smartest thing to do. But I really believe the Cowboys will go after him and if that's the case, then time can't be wasted. You have to sign Free and Asomugha early to see how much money will be left to spend.

There's no way the Cowboys can feasibly sign all of these players, but then again it's a wish list. No one ever gets their complete list anyway.

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