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With Rookie Deal Expiring, Dak Focused On Now


FRISCO, Texas – For all the speculation about the future of Jason Garrett, Dak Prescott tossed out a timely reminder on Thursday afternoon.

In the lead up to this Week 17 game against Washington, Prescott was asked if he thought at all about the fact that it may be the final game on Garrett's coaching contract. Given that his own future is uncertain, Prescott had the perfect response.

"I think it's the last game on mine, as well," he said. "I'll be damned if I speak on anybody else's future or their place."

It's a bit of a startling point, because it doesn't feel as final for Prescott. His rookie deal might expire on Sunday night, but it's hard to imagine his future lies anywhere but here.

Whether that's for the short-term, thanks to the franchise tag, or the long-term, by virtue of a multi-year extension, remains to be seen. But even though his future has been a source of speculation since February, Prescott said he's not surprised he doesn't have a long-term contract secured despite the late stage of the season.

"It's the business. It's my first time going through it," he said. "I'm not surprised by anything that comes from it – from the league, from the team, whatever. Learning as I go."

As for Garrett himself, he opted to put the focus where he always does – on Sunday's kickoff against Washington. Asked at what point he might think about his own future, Garrett didn't offer much beyond the coming weekend.

"I guess at some point in the future," he answered.

To that point, it's interesting to think that both men can still alter the narrative surrounding their current season. Prescott underwhelmed in last week's 17-9 loss to Philadelphia, partially thanks to the shoulder sprain he suffered the week before.

He is clearly still dealing with that injury, as he hasn't thrown a pass in practice so far this week. He said he's hopeful he can ramp up his participation a bit on Friday, but Prescott said he's got to hone in on his mental game to make up for the lack of reps.

"I know I was there mentally. I didn't obviously make all the throws, didn't make all the plays I wanted to make," he said. "But it's just something you've got to move forward and try to get better at and hope you make them this Sunday."

If Prescott can make those plays, he's got a shot to extend the Cowboys' season. If he can't, his future becomes another one of many important conversations that will happen in 2020.