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Worth The Wait

!Tony Romo will continue to be on the sidelines, even for the next two games.

Who knows, maybe the plan all along was never to bring Romo back, but I don't believe it. I think everyone wanted to keep that option open as long as they could. And it's not like they ever really needed the spot.  

Had this team suffered a lot more injuries, especially at quarterback, then they would've had to use that spot. But they never needed it, and don't think for a second the Cowboys decided to put Romo on IR because they just had to get Teddy Williams on the team. Surely there are other spots on this roster they could've used.  

Romo wanted to come back. The Cowboys wanted him back. But he had to be healthy and that's something both sides agreed upon. 

The move on Tuesday is an example that he clearly isn't healthy and probably won't be until after the season.    

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