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Videos - February 2019

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2019-02-01 Roger Staubach Talks Cowboys from Super Bowl LIII
2019-02-01 Under Review: The Top Offseason Priorities?
2019-02-01 2018 Dallas Cowboys Year End Special
2019-02-01 Roundtable: Who's Under Pressure This Offseason?
2019-02-03 Jason Garrett: "He's Got a Really Bright Future"
2019-02-03 Jerry Jones: "We Really Don't Have To Worry"
2019-02-04 Hangin' with the 'Boys: Let's Find Out
2019-02-05 Talkin' Cowboys: Lessons From The Pats' Run?
2019-02-06 Highlights: Jaylon Smith's 2018 Season
2019-02-06 Cowboys Break: Can Dak Win a Title?
2019-02-06 5 Points Blue Podcast: Super Bowl Recap
2019-02-07 DCC Podcast: Heather, KaShara, & Christina
2019-02-08 5 Points Blue Podcast: Oscars Predictions with Kelli Finglass
2019-02-09 Dallas Cowboys: 2018 Season Recap
2019-02-11 Highlights: Vander Esch's Rookie Season
2019-02-11 Hangin' with the 'Boys: He's Gonna Get Paid …
2019-02-12 Talkin' Cowboys: The Rollercoaster Ride
2019-02-12 Under Review: Where Must The Team Get Better?
2019-02-13 Highlights: DeMarcus Lawrence's 2018 Season
2019-02-13 Jason Witten: "I Think He’ll Be Innovative"
2019-02-13 Next Step: Better at CB?
2019-02-14 Roundtable: Biggest Lesson Learned In 2018?
2019-02-14 Next Step: LB Issues?
2019-02-14 Point/Counterpoint: Now or Later on Zeke
2019-02-14 DCC Shows Appreciation to Local Veterans
2019-02-14 DCC Podcast: Valentines Day with Rachel & Molly
2019-02-15 Next Step: Adding Another WR?
2019-02-18 Agentes libres: ¿Cole Beasley o Tavon Austin?
2019-02-18 Next Step: What Happens Next at TE?
2019-02-19 Next Step: Upgrading the Safety Position?
2019-02-19 Next Step: RB Depth A Need?
2019-02-19 Reacciones: Kellen Moore como coordinador ofensivo
2019-02-20 Jerry Jones Talks Boxing, Cowboys; More
2019-02-20 Mickey Garcia piensa en grande mientras se prepara para enfrentar a Errol Spence Jr.
2019-02-20 Undefeated Boxers Square Up at AT&T Stadium
2019-02-21 D. Lawrence sigue a la espera de nuevo contrato
2019-02-22 Draft Show: 2019 NFL Combine Preview
2019-02-25 Hangin' with the 'Boys: But Does It Mean Anything?
2019-02-25 Next Step: Changes on Special Teams?
2019-02-26 Stephen: On D-Law, Dak, Zeke, & Garrett's Deals
2019-02-26 Vander Esch Donates Weight Room To His Former HS
2019-02-27 Jason Garrett 2019 NFL Combine Press Conference
2019-02-27 Garrett: Draft Strategy, Taco, Hurns, RB & More
2019-02-28 Draft Show: LIVE @ 2019 NFL Combine - Day 1
2019-02-28 Combine Update: Beasley Coming Back?
2019-02-28 Combine Update: Will Witten Affect The Draft?