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10 Answers: Which Player's 2014 Performance Was Hardest To Match In 2015?

(Editor's Note: Last summer, the staff attempted to answer 20 questions about the Cowboys' roster leading into training camp. With the 2015 season complete, we're picking out the 10 best and most applicable questions and reviewing how our predictions fared.)

7) Which performance from 2014 will be the hardest to match?

Rob:I felt Tony Romo's 2014 season would be difficult to duplicate from a statistical standpoint, specifically his NFL-best and franchise-record passer rating (113.2) and completion percentage (69.9). I certainly didn't expect Romo to play his fewest games in a single season (4) since becoming the starter in 2006, though. My hunch was a full offseason and a healthier back would allow him to function at a higher level more often than in 2014. If you remember, he didn't look like himself at all in the 2014 opener against San Francisco and needed a little time to find his rhythm after taking fewer reps in the summer. Romo indeed feels his back is healthier than at any point since the late-2013 surgery, but no one anticipated he'd miss the majority of the 2015 season with two left collarbone injuries.

David: I felt like a crazy person when I picked Zack Martin back in the summer, and I guess I still am – Martin was named to his second-straight Pro Bowl this year. That said, I don't think it's wrong to say Martin didn't quite follow up his fantastic rookie performance. The second-year guard was flagged a whopping 11 times on the season, which led the team. Last year, he was flagged a grand total of three times – and two of those three came against San Francisco in Week 1, his first-ever game. I'm obviously splitting hairs here. Martin is a two-time Pro Bowler and is clearly one of the best young guards in the league. That said, his sophomore season seems to typify the type of year the Cowboys' offensive line had. It was good – at times even very good. But it didn't quite live up to the enormous potential.

Nick: I sort of gave two answers to this question and I guess both proved to be correct. Then again, we all seemed to be correct on this question. I had Dez Bryant falling short of 16 TD catches and he only had two. But the real answer was somewhat of a cop-out. We knew this team wouldn't go 8-0 on the road again. Despite the record being horrendous, a 3-5 road record wasn't atrocious. Three playoff teams went 4-4 or worse on the road, including the Redskins, who were 3-5.  

Bryan: I had a feeling that it might be difficult for Rolando McClain to match how well he played in 2014, especially early in the season. What was different about his 2015 season was instead of playing well early, he was more of a factor late. There was a run there after the Tampa Bay game where he was outstanding. He is physical in the running game and played with awareness against the pass. His interception against Miami in my opinion was the turning point of the game. What will be interesting to see with this front office and coaching staff is that the inconsistency and reliability issues are still there and will that keep them from signing him to a contract extension? When he is on, he can be a force as that 'Mike' linebacker, but when he's not – he quite frankly is a liability.

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