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2-Minute Drill: Giants' Superstar Beckham On His Catch, The Non-Catch, Romo & More

PHOENIX – One of the more electrifying players in the NFL this past season was certainly the Giants' star receiver Odell Beckham, who used the Sunday Night stage against the Cowboys to show off his amazing talents.

At the Pro Bowl, Beckham spoke of "the catch" and how it changed his life. He also talked about Dez Bryant's "catch" in Green Bay, putting aside the Cowboys-Giants rivalry for at least a week in Phoenix.

When did you know you had finally arrived here in the NFL as a star?

Beckham: It was after the catch. Everything changed … everything changed.

Do you get asked about it daily? Hourly?

Beckham: I don't think there's been a time that someone hasn't come up to me and asked me about the catch. That isn't a bad thing, but at the same time, we did lose the game. It is in the past. It's one of those memories I'll take forever.

The catch surprised everyone, but did it surprise you?

Beckham: Well, It was the best catch I've ever had in a game for sure. As far as best catch I've ever had, I know Jarvis (Landry) and I have made catches in practice that people have never seen that have been better than that. But to get one done in a game, it's definitely enjoyable because you practice at that and work so hard for those opportunities.

You tweeted after the Cowboys-Packers game that you thought Dez Bryant caught the ball. Still think that way?

Beckham: It's still a catch. A guy like Dez Bryant, a guy who has credibility in the league for making ridiculous catches, I thought it should've been a touchdown or at least a catch and he's down at the 1. But it definitely

should've been (a catch). I'm not the refs and I don't make the rules. I just abide by them. If they say it's not a catch, it's obviously not a catch.

Did you wish you could've played with Bryant here this week?

Beckham: Definitely. He's a great talent. You can always learn from one of the best. It would've been fun.

What did you like the most about this week?

Beckham: Just getting a chance to meet these guys that I grew up idolizing. It wasn't long ago that I was in college and even high school and some of these guys were playing this game. So to be here and playing next to them and getting to meet them all, it's been great.

So are you OK catching passes from Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo?

Beckham: Ha, yeah. I won't intentionally drop them (laughs). No, I'm definitely excited. This is a great experience. There are no rivals right now until the season resumes next year and we can go back to the Cowboys and Giants.


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