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2-Minute Drill: T. Williams on TD Catch, Feeling Pressure Without Dez & More

Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams made a point to tell reporters last week that he needs to step up his game and become more quarterback friendly for teammate Brandon Weeden.

That occurred after a no-catch performance against the Falcons. This week, Williams not only responded favorably, but had a clutch fourth-down touchdown catch in the final two minutes to tie the game and eventually force overtime.

After the game, Williams spoke of the score, the battles throughout the game and trying to become the No. 1 receiver as Dez Bryant rehabs his foot injury.

How devastating was it to lose like that after the tying score?

"It's a tough one. We played really hard all game and we fought through a lot of injuries. I just think we battled throughout the whole game. But, you know, we came up short."
What happened on your touchdown?

"Me and (Saints cornerback Delvin Breaux) were battling the whole game. Sometimes you just have to have a will for the ball. I knew he was going to grab me. It's one of those plays where you just have to make a play. Brandon gave me a chance and this time I was going to cash in on it. Most people don't see, me and him were battling the whole game. It's hard when you have someone grabbing on you and tugging on you the whole game. You just have to have a better will and fight for your teammates. I thought it was my ball or nobody's ball."

[embeddedad0]Did you realize you probably wouldn't get a holding call that late in the game?

At that point, you don't expect that. He was grabbing a lot, but I knew that. I told Brandon to try to get the ball out there a little bit more. I knew he was going to hold me, and I needed a half-second longer to get through. I asked him to put a little air on it and let me get it. That's what he did.

Did you think if you got the ball back that you had enough momentum to go score?

Yeah, we did. But, we're a team. We're all in this together. The way we fought and the way we didn't give up the entire game, this could help us out for future games and the next time it happens.

Are you feeling the pressure to be the top guy with Dez out?

I mean, Dez is Dez. He's in his own category. I just try to focus on me. Whenever coach calls my number, I just have to make the play. The more me and Brandon work, the better we can be.

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