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2017 Pro Bowl Cheerleader Diaries: Day Three

On Tuesday we took our first step as a united team; the squad photo!  This was by far the most surreal moment to date.  It was such a great way to come together as a team and feel like a part of this massive thing called Pro Bowl.  Every girl is genuinely kind, talented, beautiful, and brilliant from each team.  Just standing in this photo is beyond an honor.  


It's not often that Eagles and Cowboys play so nicely together, but I just love my line member Amanda!  Representing the NFC Mickey style! 

My line wanted to have a special souvenir to remember this incredible week by.  Snap backs and spray paint!  Cannot wait to rep my team in this new hat. 


Not only did we all have Mickey ears made in our team logos, but we gifted recently married Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Kristen with veiled ones!  She has had quite the busy month and is one of my best friends here! 


To follow Jennifer during Pro Bowl Week, be sure to check the DCC website and follow her on Twitter: @DCCJennifer.*

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