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3 Pressing Questions: Broaddus Compares ATL/Cowboys WRs

The Cowboys are coming off an emotional loss to the Giants, while the Falcons just steamrolled the Eagles to improve to 7-0.

While the records are way different, there are some similarities on offense at the skill positions. In this week's "3 Pressing Questions" segment, football analyst Bryan Broaddus looks at some of the comparisons between the Cowboys and Falcons at both wide receiver and tight end. 

*What can you say about this weekend's tight end matchup between two of the best – Atlanta's Tony Gonzalez and the Cowboys' Jason Witten? *

Broaddus: I really am looking forward to watching these two old vets go at it in Atlanta. Both help their offenses so much but more importantly they help their quarterbacks. Gonzalez throughout his career has been so athletic and that is where he has always had the edge on Witten but when you talk about how difficult they are to cover when they are moving down the field, they both are on par. Big bodied players that can catch the ball on the move or in traffic. Gonzalez has probably received more red zone chances than Witten but when you need clutch plays, either one of them can make that catch. Witten set the bar very high for Tony Gonzalez when the Falcons face the Giants in Week 15, I am sure the Giants are not looking forward to that. 

*Is the combination of Dez Bryant and Miles Austin even comparable to what Atlanta has with Roddy White and Julio Jones? *

Broaddus: Great question. What Julio Jones has been able to do so early in his young career has been quite impressive. I really believed that it was going to take more time because of the system that he played in at Alabama but he has hit the ground running. Roddy White doesn't have the numbers that he has had in the past but again, a lot of that is because of the development of Jones and what Gonzales does. White is like Austin in that he will catch the ball all over the field and has that game breaking like ability, so I would say that would probably be a push so it comes down to Bryant or White and at this point I would say that Atlanta has that edge. 

*Is there more pressure on the Cowboys at 3-4 or Falcons, who are now 7-0 and starting to slowly get the questions about staying undefeated? *

Broaddus: There is more pressure on the Cowboys than the Falcons. I have always treated all games as must win but I am not stupid enough to believe that they are going to win every game. But with that said, if the Cowboys go to Atlanta and lose, then they are 3 - 5 with a trip to Philadelphia the following week. It's time for Jason Garrett and this team put some wins together and get itself in position for that final drive in December. As a team, you can't keep giving away games and expect to contend for a playoff spot. I thought before this five game stretch if their record was 5 - 4 there was a chance to do some real good but if it's 3 - 6, that gives them no margin for error and that makes the task even more difficult. The Cowboys need to handle these Falcons their first loss.

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