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3 Pressing Questions: Broaddus on HOF Game; DE Market


The Cowboys are slated to play in the Hall of Fame game against the Miami Dolphins to open the 2013 pre-season, is that an advantage or disadvantage?

Broaddus: The coaches will look at it as an advantage because of the extra work they will get plus the extra game. When you have a scheme change on defense plus the possibility of a new play caller on offense, the extra work will allow them time to work with their plans. The front office will be holding their breath because of the extra time in camp along with the extra game means potential for injuries which as we all learned last season are a big disadvantage. Where the Cowboys train will help because the conditions in Oxnard do not tax the players. The weather is such that it allows the coaches to push hard but the players don't fear having to survive the practice like we did in say Wichita Falls. Players are focus on technique and getting better instead of worry about how many bags of IVs they are going to need after the practice. You can see depending on which group you are with, it can go either way.

Are you surprised of the direction the free agent market went for defensive ends in the league money wise?

Broaddus: I have to admit when you could have signed quality players like Cliff Avril and Mchael Bennett for not a huge commitment, it was a complete surprise. For the Seahawks to have to only give Avril two years, 15 million and Bennett one year, 5 million makes the Spencer franchise tag seem like a misevaluation on our all parts of really where the market potentially was going to be for these defensive ends. I believe that this can go in a couple of different directions for the Cowboys long term. They can use these numbers against Spencer and agent Jordan Woy to try and get a deal done or they can let him play the tag out and not commitment to a longer deal. In Woy's mind, he has to believe that Avril and Bennett signed bad deals and he is not going to take his client down that road, so the ideal of a longer term deal is most likely out of the question if the Cowboys try to come at him with those numbers. I could see Woy being content to just playing this out and see what happens next season.

Sounds like the Cowboys will be working out Texas safety Kenny Vacarro out on Wednesday in a private on campus workout, thoughts?

Vacarro will be the highest rated safety on their board when the draft opens up in April. I think it's a very smart thing for them to do because of the possibility of him being there at 18 when they pick. For the coaches and scouts to have firsthand knowledge of the player working him one-on-one, controlling the drills and pace, they can learn a great deal about the player. On the big school pro days, you don't always get to do the types of drills that you want to see. Now they can move Vacarro all over the field, off the hash, from the middle, see how he reacts to instructions and ball drills. When the workout is over, they will have a really nice feel to go along with their film work and interviews if he is the right fit in the scheme and worthy of a first round selection if he is there when they are on the clock.

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