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3 Pressing Questions: Broaddus On Romo, Priorities & Playoffs

Football analyst Bryan Broaddus tackles three pressing questions for the Cowboys as the enter the offseason following another 8-8 season.
This week, Bryan talks about the future of quarterback Tony Romo and how he would handle the situation. Also, he gets into offseason priorities and his take on this year's playoffs.

If you're the GM of this team, are you trying to evaluate Tony Romo in terms of possibly replacing him, or do you learn towards the side of giving him more help?

Broaddus: I am trying to get him help. I know that might not be the most popular answer and I can understand why people are mad at him but if that is the case, you haven't watched the whole season. I am trying to develop more weapons on the outside, I am trying to build a better offensive line so he is not running for his life every other pass. I am trying to find a way to get another back behind DeMarco Murray so when he gets hurt for six games that the offense can still run the ball. Tony Romo made some poor decisions against the Redskins but give them credit too for forcing him into some of those decisions. I have been with this team when it didn't have a quarterback and that situation got a lot of men fired. We were not ready in 2000 when Troy Aikman moved on to the broadcast booth, with that being said, I am looking very hard at this draft and working to try and find a quarterback that can step in when that time comes but until then, I am finding him help.   

As we stand right now, can you give us a position on this team that should be the highest priority to change next year?

Broaddus: I know that everyone is yelling for offensive linemen and I understand your concern but pull out you depth chart and talk to me about this defensive line. It's the one position that has the most age to it. With age, you have players that breakdown and we are starting to see that now. You lost an outstanding player when Josh Brent's life changed forever and he was a young guy but he is now gone. Look at Kenyon Coleman, Marcus Spears, Jay Ratliff even include Jason Hatcher. Veteran guys with wear and tear on their bodies. Behind those guys are Tyrone Crawford, Sean Lissemore and Rob Callaway who was called up from the practice squad after the accident. Crawford has a chance to develop and I have always liked Lissemore as a backup end and role player but you saw what happened when he had to play a ton of snaps. Would this defense be better if Sean Lee and Bruce Carter had bigger, younger bodies in front of them allowing them to run and make plays? I would think so. There are issues with the offensive line and I am willing to do something about that but again, look at this defensive line going forward.  

What NFC team would surprise you the least if they're in the Super Bowl at the end of the month?

Broaddus: The Seattle Seahawks. Having seen them play first hand and the way they run the ball but put pressure on you with their defense, it would not surprise me one bit. Russell Wilson doesn't make mistakes and they are built to play in bad weather plus they are a physical team. If they have had their struggles it's been on the road but one of those road wins is at Chicago who tends to play pretty well at home. They have also found a way to beat the Patriots, 49ers and Vikings as well who are all playoff teams. Saying all this, they could go to Washington and get smoke on Sunday but this is a good tackling defense and that is key when you play the Redskins. 

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