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3 Pressing Questions: Broaddus On Safety, RB & Texas Pro Day


Football analyst Bryan Broaddus tackles three pressing questions for the Cowboys. This week, he talks about the needs at safety and running back and what he's looking for at the University of Texas Pro Day on Tuesday.

Since you're going down to Austin for the University of Texas Pro Day, what players specifically will you be watching the most?

Broaddus: I am really looking forward to seeing if Kenny Vacarro runs a better 40 time which I think he will. He has been training in California so if he is healthy than we should see a better time. I am also interested in Alex Okafor and what teams put him through the drills. You can learn a lot by who are working these players out. In the case of Vacarro I want to see what defensive back coaches drill him. Are they teams ahead or behind the Cowboys.

Even though the Cowboys seem content to give Barry Church and Matt Johnson a legitimate shot to prove they can return from injuries, would you feel better about that position if the Cowboys covered themselves by getting a veteran in free agency?

Broaddus: I really do believe the intent was to get a safety whether it was through the draft or free agency and I believe they have caught a break in the types of players that are on the street. Usually safeties are very hard to come by but this draft should give them the opportunity to add a quality one. On the veteran side if they can get a Michael Huff, Will Allen or Ronde Barber on a one year deal as a bridge player to help the group than they have protected themselves going forward.

With Felix Jones not expected to return, what would be your preference in acquiring a backup to DeMarco Murray? Veteran or rookie? What about a specific style of back? 

Broaddus: In the case of running backs, give me the younger players instead of the veteran guy unless you have none at the position. With Murray the front office could draft one and in the middle of the draft there are some quality ones to choose from. But let me say, where this is really important is that you have to select one that can carry the load if asked because of Murray's injury history. As much as we have all wanted to turn away from that history in in college, he has yet to last an entire season and it killed them last year. I believe that you will see Lance Dunbar be that third back that plays special teams and can be a change of pace but a true every down back needs to be in the mix by the time they break camp.

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