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3 Questions: Broaddus On Dez, New DE & Would Spears Fit?


1.     Do you think what you've seen so far from newly-signed defensive end Everette Brown ?

Broaddus: A new member to the "Band of Backups" that surely looks the part. Long, rangy build, able to get up the field. Has pass rush ability and at times has done a nice job against the run. Been told that he has been get some work as the strong side or left defensive end. Has shown some explosive quickness, with pass rush moves. Has been battling against Doug Free on the scout team as well and has done a really nice job of working him to get ready to face the Vikings Brian Robinson, who is one of those relentless like players. Has chance to help in the rotation playing behind George Selvie. Better skill than Jason Vega who held that spot previously.

2.     The Cowboys have brought in so many defensive linemen lately. Would Marcus Spears be a good fit for this defense again?

Broaddus: There will always be a special place in my heart for Marcus Spears because he was on the last draft class that I worked on with the Cowboys in 2005. Spears in my view has always been a much better fit as a 3-4 defensive end which was the vision that we had for him back when I worked for Bill Parcells. Spears is a two gap player that really doesn't fit in this one gap scheme where the sole purpose is to get up the field as fast as you can. Where Spears is at his best is holding that point of attack and I just feel like he would struggle in this system. I will always be proud of how he carried himself and how he played but he just isn't a good fit in this current scheme.

3.     With all of this talk about Dez Bryant's sideline antics, what has been your experience with emotional players like this? Can the be distractive? Or is Dez a unique case all together? [embedded_ad]

Broaddus: In my career, I have been around some players that have been very emotional when it comes to playing this game. Sterling Sharpe, Andre Rison, Jimmy Smith, Irving Fryar and Ricky Watters just to name a few. I have never had a problem with these types of players as long as they found ways to take that emotion and make plays for our team. As bad as it looked on that sideline in Detroit, the one thing I took away from Bryant's actions, was he was absolutely correct in that he and Romo were better than that Lions secondary. Where Bryant was in error is that when he came off the field, he should have put his cap on, sat down next to Romo, with Derek Dooley and Wade Wilson to try and figure out a way to attack this secondary in a calm manor. What we did learn, is that once these guys were able to get together, that there were solid adjustments on the routes that later helped the offense in the game. Dez Bryant will always play with a great deal of emotion and passion, but what he also learned is that there is a time and place for when to show that emotion and he will be better for it.     

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