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3 Questions: Facing Cousins; Dez Walkout & Playoff Hopes


IRVING, Texas - As the Cowboys prepare for Sunday's game against the Redskins, they must win to force another Week 17 showdown for the NFC East title. If they don't beat Washington, then Dallas must hope for a Chicago win over the Eagles to stay alive.

Football analyst Bryan Broaddus answers a few pressing questions about the current state of the Cowboys.

1.       The way the Cowboys are banged up on defense, is facing Kirk Cousins better or worse for this team?

Broaddus: In watching him play against the Falcons last week, it's a different style of attack than what you see from Griffin III. You are going to get more snaps from under center and more play action off their zone scheme. Kyle Shanahan used him more on boot legs and drops that put him on the move. There is not the threat as a runner that you get from Griffin III. Cousins has a strong arm and is extremely tough to take a hit in the pocket, but he isn't always accurate and you see his receivers have to work for the ball. But he is not afraid to throw it in there to make a play. [embedded_ad]

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2.       Do you have any problems with Dez Bryant walking off the field last week?

Broaddus: It's hard to be critical of a player that cares so much about winning and losing like Dez Bryant, but that was the wrong thing to do and he knew it when he met with the media on Monday. It was a tough loss, but you have to stand there and take it -- even though I am sure some of his coaches and teammates where thinking the exact same thing. It is just another one of those situations that Bryant will learn from, and I am sure it will not happen again in his career regardless how much future disappointment he feels.

3.      What should give fans confidence this team can win two games and get into the playoffs?

Broaddus:I am usually not the guy that is going to sit here and try to blow sunshine, but your hope has to be that this offense continues to find ways to move the ball, regardless if it is along the ground or through the air. This defense has no chance in its current state and when your best players are not playing their best, you really have no shot to stop the opponent. The success or failure of this season now rests on the shoulders of Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray, Jason Witten, Dez Bryant and this offensive line. The margin of error with this offense is very small but it's up to Jason Garrett and this staff to figure out the most logical way to protect this defense that can't afford to take many more punches to the jaw.*  *

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