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3 Questions: Putting it Together, Eating Crow and Becoming Clutch


What Did You See From Drake Nevis Tonight?

If there was a game that Drake Nevis needed to show up for, this was the one. There was so much going on with the Redskins and the way they run their scheme that your tackles have to be right in the middle of everything.

From my seat in the press box, Nevis played with quickness, power and a disruptive desire to get to Robert Griffin III, or work down the line to handle the running game and Alfred Morris. When he first arrived on the scene several weeks ago, Nevis looked slow and badly out of shape. He wasn't coming off the ball with any quickness or strength. From what my sources were telling me, this was the first week where he put everything together, practice-wise.

Nevis is a very talented football player and we saw that tonight. His game was a combination of finally learning his assignments, but also being physically able to carry them out. They needed him on every play and he responded.


You Called Out Brandon Carr For His Play This Season. Eating Crow Tonight?

I did call out Brandon Carr on our Talkin' Cowboys show because he is capable of playing like this every week, and when he does, he is worth every dollar you are paying him. Defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin put the coverage of the Redskins best receiver, Pierre Garcon, in his lap, and Carr responded with a remarkable game.

This was not the first game this season that Kiffin played man coverage with Carr, but this was the first time he played it like we had seen him do so before. Carr's technique and positioning was outstanding. The way he was able to close on routes and put himself in position to defend the ball was one of the major reasons that Garcon only ended up with six catches for 69 yards.

Carr's movement was smooth and without hesitation. There was very little space or separation between him and Garcon all night, which is how you have to play a receiver who has the physical traits that Garcon has. Carr, as well as the other corners, were outstanding tonight, but Kiffin needs them to be outstanding every week. Tonight put them in that direction.

Are Terrance Williams And Cole Beasley Becoming Clutch?

It's amazing to me the way both of these young receivers have played the last several weeks. Both Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley have made their share of plays, and you can see more and more confidence developing from the quarterback in the way he throws the ball to them, regardless of the situation in the game.

You are waiting for the other shoe to drop with either of these players, and it just hasn't happened. Williams' touchdown in the corner of the end zone was a thing of beauty, not only adjusting to the ball in flight, but getting both of his feet down before going out of bounds.

Williams also made a nice adjustment earlier in the game coming back for a ball that was not thrown by Romo with the best direction. He was able to make a snatch catch and get up the field, which showed great awareness for the rookie.

Meanwhile, Beasley made several key plays in the game from all over the field. His final reception came with the Cowboys facing a third-and-20, and he managed to come up with a one-handed catch and a 14-yard gain that resulted in a Dan Bailey chip-shot field goal, giving the Cowboys an eight-point lead.

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