5 To Know: Broaddus Evaluates Handful Of Quarterbacks In Draft

(Editor's Note: With the draft still about three months away, Bryan Broaddus has already begun his draft research although we're still early in the game. Each day, we'll focus on a position, with Broaddus profiling a handful of top players, going off mainly their college film. Today, we'll focus on the quarterbacks.)

Here are a few quarterbacks to keep an eye on as we get ready for the 2013 NFL Draft:

·         Geno Smith                        6-3, 214                              West Virginia

Operates a spread offense….it was rare that he takes a snap from underneath center but in his career, he has played under center…outstanding mobility and agility…bounces on his toes while in the pocket…like his arm strength…ball really comes off his hand…can really throw the ball on the line…against Texas did a nice job of fitting the ball into some tight windows…doesn't allow defenders to drive on him…can deliver the ball off balance…can get the ball out front for the receiver to work with…don't see many times where he makes the receiver work for the ball…showed some touch on the ball when he had to throw the swing…will buy a second chance with his feet…showed the strength to shake the rush against TCU and deliver the ball down the field…can hit receivers on the move…was tested several times on 4th down against Texas where he had to make solid throws…can make all the throws…nice back shoulder throw against Oklahoma….showed impressive arm strength making a throw from the left hash all the way to the right sideline…does a nice job of keeping his eyes down the field…normally not going to force the ball making mistakes but had a bad interception against TCU where he just threw the ball down the middle of the field and it wasn't even close to the receiver….need to check about his ball security in the pocket when under pressure….dropped the ball twice….has too much talent to work with to not be a high consideration in this draft despite what happened to him this season….has proven throughout his career that he can be consistent.

·         Matt Barkley                      6-2, 230                              USC

Best trait is his accuracy…has nice touch and can deliver the ball to give his receivers a chance to make plays….knows where he wants to go with the ball…see him throw to spots down the field….gives the receiver a chance on the slant….doesn't put the ball behind them…will be trying to get the ball down the field first but if nothing there will check it down…has the awareness to know where the blitz is coming from…has to have this sense because not the most mobile player even though coaches use him on boots and waggles to try and buy him clear lanes to throw through….very calm in the pocket…handled a high snap [embedded_ad] against Oregon and was able to get the ball outside on the out…does a really nice job of putting the deep ball where it needs to be…great job against Oregon leading his receiver away from the safety….has touch to the sideline…can float the ball over the top if he needs to….will move in the pocket to buy time…slides more than likes to run….can go forward in the pocket to make a throw…have seen him make some nice throws under pressure but struggled some against UCLA when they got to him….took some big hits when protection broke down but bounced back the next play….thought he was a good decision maker….didn't feel like he was trying to force the ball….has always played with a good cast of players around him so it will be interesting to see how he transitions into the NFL.

·         Mike Glennon                    6-6, 232                              North Carolina State

Smooth throwing motion….very easy….nice touch and accuracy….keeps his head up and eyes down the field….don't see him looking at the rush….able to buy time enough time by moving in the pocket and allowing the receiver to clear the defender and laying the ball right in there for a touchdown…can hit the crossing route or throw the "9" with touch and accuracy…does a nice job of giving the receiver a chance to run with the ball…will fit the ball in between coverage…not afraid to throw the ball down the field but isn't the type that is going to force the ball…there are times where he just keeps checking the ball down…did a nice job of throwing the ball in front of the running back allowing the screen to work against Miami…had an interception in the Florida State game then his next several throws were all underneath to receivers….almost like he was afraid to make another mistake….was late of the throw and didn't see the linebacker dropping underneath the receiver…will see him operate from under center or in the shot gun….love his height and the smoothness to his game….mobility is good enough but something he will need to continue to work on.

·         Tyler Wilson                       6-3, 220                              Arkansas

Good size and overall strength for a pocket passer…takes a beating when he drops back to pass… showed nice toughness in the games I studied…can bounce back after taking hits….steps up into the pocket and stands tall to deliver the ball under duress…there were times where his ball didn't look like it had much zip on it but shows ability to hit stationery targets….looks at multiple targets before checking down to underneath option….would not call him a quick footed athlete but surprised how quick he was able to get out of the pocket and get first downs on the run when defenses are in man or in deep zones…. Will throw the ball at all arm angles…can sling the ball…three quarters throwing motion when he is throwing the ball underneath….can throw the ball on the move going to the left…can put the ball in spots…thought he had to really wind up to get the ball down the field….good when he can throw the intermediate stuff…can throw the "4" or the in with nice accuracy….there are times where he throws off his back feet but that might be because pass rush gets to him often…showed great toughness against South Carolina…if he has issues there are times where he hold the ball much too long in the pocket…played much better in 2011 but really looked short-handed with the talent around him and most likely effected his play.

·         E.J. Manuel                        6-5, 238                              Florida State

Physically is a great looking player…Like Smith of West Virginia, you do not see him take snaps from underneath center…throws from the shotgun formation quite often…there are times where it looks like he is pushing the ball…didn't see the same consistent throwing motion down after down…front foot tends to spin when he throws…flashes some velocity on his throws but there are times where he has no clue where it is going…have seen him throw in tight spaces between defenders and on the sideline then the next time launch it over the receivers head or into the


ground....impressed with his ability to move to his left, square up and throw the ball on the move…good athlete with the mobility to step up in the pocket to avoid pressure and take advantage of openings to pick up first downs with his feet….has plays where they are set runs and he just takes the snaps and heads for the corner….can snap some throws off short or intermediate….been hit and miss….best trait is his mobility but will need to learn to not be careless with the ball…threw the ball up for grabs against Florida when he was under pressure…didn't feel like he really read the coverage well….will need some work in this area…some team will get a player with a special ability when it comes to his mobility but will have to redo his mechanics from the ground up.

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