8) How Can Trevon Diggs Have An Encore In 2022?


(Editor's Note: Over the next month, the staff of DallasCowboys.com is looking to answer the 20 biggest questions facing the team heading into the 2022 season. Today, the staff writers debate how cornerback Trevon Diggs can top last year's All-Pro, 11-interception season.)

8) How Can Trevon Diggs Have An Encore In 2022?

Mickey Spagnola: Improve his coverage skills. It's one thing to become the first NFL player with an NFL-high 11 interceptions in a single season since Everson Walls did so in 1981, 40 years ago, but now Diggs must cut down on getting beat on big plays. And I don't want to hear the reason for that is his gambling style or that's the reason for his 11 picks. That's B.S. The majority of those picks are coverage interceptions. Now he needs to improve his man coverage, especially since he will be asked most times to cover the opponent's top receiver. And he'll tell you that right there is this year's goal.

Nick Eatman: Most people I talk to about this seem to have the same feelings here in that Diggs will probably have a better overall season, and still have about half of the interceptions from 2021. It's just going to be nearly impossible for him to duplicate that feat. Because unlike last year, I do think teams will stop throwing in his direction if he starts to get a handful of picks by midseason. So for him to push for the record again, seems very unlikely. To me, it all depends on what happens on the other side. If Anthony Brown remains solid over there and keeps the quarterbacks honest, then Diggs might have a chance to get a few. But as long as Diggs continues to check the No. 1 receivers, limits the big plays against him and snags a few passes here and there, he should easily remain as a Pro Bowl and All-Pro cornerback. And if that happens again, watch out for a huge payday on the horizon next offseason.

Kyle Youmans: The biggest thing to keep in mind when building expectations for Diggs is understanding that double-digit interceptions in season doesn't happen often. Nor should that be the expectation moving forward. However, he needs to continue to take full advantage of opposing mistakes and forcing multiple turnovers in a year. If he can do that but also lower his league-worst 1,016 yards allowed, that's how teams will continue to fear him.

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