Add Gurode To Injury Report

While the offensive line had a rough outing last week and will face an even stiffer challenge this week in Minnesota, the Cowboys didn't get the best news from Thursday's practice.

Center Andre Gurode suffered a knee injury in practice and left the field. The Cowboys are listing Gurode in the category of "Did Not Practice."

That leaves quite a question mark for the Cowboys, who have rookie Phil Costa, an undrafted free agent from Maryland, as the only true center on the roster. However, Costa hasn't been active since Week One when Kyle Kosier was out.

Kosier has been the backup to Gurode on game days and that could be the Cowboys' option Sunday as the starter, if Gurode doesn't play.

Montrae Holland, who filled in for Leonard Davis last week, isn't expected to start at right guard, but could get the call at left.

Hopefully, Wade Phillips will provide a little more details to Gurode's situation. This certainly isn't the week to be shuffling the offensive line around, but the Cowboys may not have a choice.

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