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After Sloppy Start, Romo's 2016 Debut Includes Execution, Lengthy TD Drive

ARLINGTON, Texas– There haven't been many times in the past 10 years when he was overshadowed by another quarterback on his team.

But that basically happened to Tony Romo Friday night, despite the fact he was making his preseason debut after sitting out last week in Los Angeles. In fact, it was brought to Romo's attention that he didn't take a snap in a game in 267 days, dating back to Thanksgiving against the Panthers.

While Dak Prescott and his perfect quarterback rating of 158.3 that included four touchdowns, stole the show, Romo's performance was also noteworthy as well.

The offense struggled in the first drive, mainly because of four penalties in the opening series. After that, Romo and the offense settled down and he led the group on a six-play, 72-yard drive that included three completions – one to Dez Bryant and two more to Jason Witten. On his second pass to Witten, Romo was knocked to the ground, taking his first hit of the season.

"Oh yeah, it always feels great," Romo said sarcastically when asked about getting knocked down. "But it's always good to brush that off. You kinda take it and you get up and keep going. It's a good thing."

Romo finished the game completing 4 of 5 passes for 49 yards and a 107.5 quarterback rating.

Romo understands that his injuries have been an issue the past few years, which have included two collarbone injuries and two back surgeries since 2013. So when asked about the development of Prescott, Romo knows the progress of the rookie quarterback and finding a No. 2 quarterback is an important priority for this team.

"You want to play every game," Romo said. "No one goes into a season thinking they're going to get hurt. But to have depth, allows you to overcome situations that aren't always ideal. In a perfect world, there's a nice segue from when I'm done playing and you hope we have someone who's playing the way Dak is right now."


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