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Amid Safety Draft Talk, Where's Church Fit?

IRVING, Texas --Safety Mark Barron is quickly becoming a popular Cowboys pick in mock drafts, and for good reason. Jason Garrett made a personal visit to Alabama's second Pro Day, and Barron's a national champion and the top available player at a position of need.

Safety also isn't a particularly deep group this year. If the Cowboys want a potential starter, the thinking is they better get one early.

Let's just not forget about Barry Church, the third-year veteran whom some at Valley Ranch believe can be a future starter. Church is more of a strong safety, like Barron, and last year he showed some versatility by playing inside linebacker in sub-packages before suffering a season-ending shoulder injury.

What position does Church fit in Rob Ryan's defense going forward?

"He's absolutely a safety," Garrett said. "Now, where does he play safety? Does he play safety on the back end? Does he play down? He played down a lot in some of our dime packages last year with the different combinations of guys we were using.

"What we like about him is he does have an ability to play around the line of scrimmage and be productive. At the same time, he does have the skill set to go back and be a back-end player as well."

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