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Anderson First Woman To Lead NFL Charitable Foundation


IRVING, Texas** - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced his appointment of Charlotte Jones Anderson as chairwoman of the NFL's newly formed foundation at the NFL owners meetings Wednesday in Dallas.

Anderson's the first woman to serve in this capacity for an NFL charitable institution and the first woman to represent club ownership as leader of a major professional sports league foundation.

"She brings a great perspective as someone that's actively involved with the Cowboys and the NFL and has two sons playing youth football," said Commissioner Goodell. "She really has a great perspective on what the NFL stands for."

Anderson, who's been on the NFL charities board for six years, said it's an honor to be introduced in her new position with a chance to make a difference in the community and in youth football.

The newly created NFL Foundation focuses on youth football, health and safety, and community. In 2013, the foundation will award more than $23 million in grants to support youth and high school football programs, health and safety efforts, as well as community health initiatives, including NFL PLAY 60.

"I do have two sons that play the game," Anderson said. "Obviously, I'm very passionate about the game. I'm passionate about what it means to my children, their experience involved in the game and how it develops them as young kids, and to be able to use that and to help others be able to experience the same process is exciting."

Anderson, who's the executive vice president, vice president of brand management and president of the charity foundation for the Cowboys, said the concept of community is a very important thing not only for the Cowboys, but for the league as a whole.

She said she's excited about using the visibility of the NFL, coupled with the resources of the NFL Foundation, to make a substantial impact with the community.

"I understand the powerful ability of the game and the NFL to create positive change in individuals and entire communities," Anderson said. "I'm honored to be a part of a foundation that will focus on improving the lives of all who are touched by the game of football – from the players to the communities where our fans live."

In addition to community, her focus will remain on player health and safety in sports, as well as the expansion and growth of youth football.

"We really have an opportunity to make an impact with sports related medical grants, with our partnership with USA Football, as it pertains to the development and the growth of youth football, and to give all the kids who want the opportunity to play the game a chance to play the game and to enjoy the game in a safe environment," Anderson said.

She said she'll continue the platforms in the community in relation to breast cancer awareness, Salute to Service, youth fitness and health education in the PLAY 60 platform.

 "We truly have a lot of great work that we have the potential to do," Anderson said. "We're excited about the challenge and eager to continue the NFL's success in being a leader in the world of philanthropy."

Commissioner Goodell's announcement follows the restructuring of the NFL's previous charitable arms -- NFL Charities and the NFL Youth Football Fund. As a result of this change, the NFL will be able to devote more resources to its goal of making a positive difference in communities.

"We are proud of the NFL's long-standing history of giving back to communities," said Commissioner Goodell. "The board of our new foundation is a passionate group of individuals who will help to ensure the NFL continues to be a leader in philanthropy."

In addition to Anderson, the NFL Foundation board includes:

Michael Bidwill, President, Arizona Cardinals
Shahid Kahn, Owner, Jacksonville Jaguars
Mary Owen, Executive Vice President of Strategic Planning, Buffalo Bills
Mike Reinfeldt, Senior Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, Tennessee Titans
Arthur J. Rooney II, President, Pittsburgh Steelers
Leonard Wilf, Owner/Vice Chairman, Minnesota Vikings

The National Football League Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those touched by the game of football – from players at all levels to communities across the country. The NFL Foundation represents the 32 NFL clubs and supports the health and safety of athletes, youth football, and the communities which support our game.

For more information on The National Football League Foundation, visit:

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