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Animosity Aside, Vickers On Playing Browns: 'It's Personal'

IRVING, Texas - Drafted by the Browns in 2006, Lawrence Vickers spent five years in Cleveland.

And although he's had a one-year stop in Houston before coming to the Cowboys, the veteran fullback has a two-word message that sums up his feelings about playing his former team this Sunday.

"It's personal. It's personal," he added for emphasis.

Vickers said there is no animosity with the organization that let him go after the 2010 season, but just the familiarity alone makes it a big game for him.

"You know it's personal, why wouldn't it be?" Vickers said. "It anybody tells you it's never personal when they playing their old team they're lying to you. It's always personal. They just keep it quiet. Of course it's personal. I'm going to take it personal because I'm playing against my old teammates and my old organization, and I want to win. Every game I play is personal."

Vickers said he would treat this game different than going up against the Texans, mainly because of the time he spent in Cleveland, and the respect he has for the organization that drafted him.

"Cleveland was home. I was there five years," Vickers said. "I gave that organization a lot and I got a lot and I got a lot from them, and I appreciate them for even drafting me. It's personal to a sense, it's like playing your family. Whenever you play against family you want bragging rights."

Speaking of playing, Vickers said there's no way he's going to miss this game despite a left knee injury that kept him out of practice Wednesday and had him limited on Thursday.

When asked what it would take for Vickers to miss this game, he was rather blunt with the answer.

"For me to die," he said. "I hope I don't do that. But I'm not missing this for nothing in the world."

And the Cowboys don't exactly want him to. While he might have had a slow start to the season as a blocker and the running game still isn't up to par, Vickers contributed more last week, mainly with the ball in his hands.

He had his longest rush of his career – 11 yards and also had two catches for 18 yards.

But when asked if his role could be increased in the offense, Vickers reiterated his week-long mantra.

"I want to beat to Cleveland," he said once more.

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