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Arkansas' QB Among Potential Mid-Round Options For Dallas


Name: Tyler Wilson

Position: Quarterback

College: Arkansas

Height/Weight: 6-2/215

Age: 23 (born Aug. 16, 1989)

Honors:Wilson was the SEC's first-team All-SEC quarterback as a junior in 2011, before he (and the entire Arkansas program) suffered setbacks in 2012.

Key Stat:He might not have prototypical size, but Wilson makes up for it with his key attribute – accuracy. He completed 62 percent and 63 percent of his passes in his two seasons as the Razorbacks' starter, giving him the Hogs' best career completion percentage. His 3,638-yard season in 2011 was the second-best by a quarterback in school history.

Where He's Headed:The Arkansas native isn't regarded as one of the top two or three signal-callers in what is admittedly a down year for quarterback talent. Wilson's 28-inch vertical jump and 4.95 40-yard-dash don't demonstrate elite athleticism, and he actually had the smallest hands of any of the quarterbacks at the NFL Combine. He could work his way as high as the second round, but a third or fourth round selection seems more likely.

How He Helps the Cowboys:There's no immediate need for a quarterback. Tony Romo is one of the league's better passers, and Kyle Orton is a seasoned and proven option behind him. In January, the Cowboys signed local product Nick Stephens, who went undrafted before ultimately landing in the Arena Football League, but it's doubtful he'll be anything more than a body on the roster, if that. Neither Romo nor Orton is getting any younger, so if the Cowboys decide to draft for the future, Wilson could be their guy.

Scout's Take:Can fit the ball inside. … Will stand in the pocket to deliver the pass. … At times will look at the receiver late, then try and get him the ball. … Had some bad interceptions. … I didn't see much zip on the ball. … Can throw it on the move going to his left. … Can put the ball in spots. … Really has to wind up to get the ball down the field. … Is not a very mobile quarterback. … Likes to throw the ball underneath, although that might be because of the struggles of his offensive line. … Made a nice throw on the "4" or the "In" against South Carolina. … Was able to hit his man on the move. … Cannot run away from trouble. … Made a bad decision on the read option, took a tackle for a loss. … Throws the ball with a three-quarter motion. … Will hang in the pocket. … Took a huge hit from Jadeveon Clowney of South Carolina and delivered a touchdown strike. … Throws a ton of passes off his back foot. … Don't blame him for not setting his feet. … Plays with some awareness in the pocket. … Thought he was a much better player as a junior than a senior but all that he went through most likely had an effect on him. … Was not impressive in his live work at the Senior Bowl. … Wasn't accurate at all with his passes. … Probably a better player overall than the one I am describing, but has been a struggle for him. … Would be a consideration for me later in the draft. – Bryan Broaddus

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