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Back From Weekend Off, Team Close To Normal Schedule

For the last two weeks, the Cowboys' schedule has been anything but normal.

From Saturday, Aug. 25 to this past Saturday, Sept. 8, the Cowboys played two preseason games and then the regular-season opener on a Wednesday, the first NFL game played on that day in the modern-day era.

Wednesdays have felt like Sundays, Monday have been like Fridays and so on.

Despite getting the big victory in New York and starting the season 1-0, the Cowboys certainly wouldn't mind getting back into a regular routine.

After a two day break over the weekend, the players returned to work on Monday, although without a game over the weekend, the schedule is more like a Friday, with early meetings and then walkthrough practice that ends around noon.

But come Tuesday, which is the players' scheduled day off each week, the schedule should be back to normal again.

Then again, if the players take head coach Jason Garrett's approach, they should be used to all kinds of scheduling changes.

"Well, it's never normal with the Dallas Football Cowboys as you guys know," Garrett said. "You've just got to get your arms around that."

But Garrett did at least acknowledge that a break was needed for his team, that played five games in a 23-day span, concluding with Wednesday's season opener.

"We've played a  lot of football in a short period of time," Garrett said. "I think our team really handled that part of it really, really well, and they hear me say this all the time, do your best regardless of circumstance, whether you're playing at home or on the road, or you're playing this day or that day, if we're playing Wednesday night in New York, it really doesn't matter. What matters is somehow, some way getting yourself to be your best, and I thought our team did a really good job of that, because logistically, there were some challenges that we had, kind of transitioning back from training camp, playing a lot of games in a short period of time. I thought our guys just kind of came to work every day, got themselves prepared, went up there and played well."

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