Bikini Ready

Written by Katy Marie

All right, ladies. We love to hate it, we hate to love it: bikini season!

With summer just around the corner, I thought I'd share some tips with you on how some of us get in shape for auditions. For those of you trying out, you want to be in your best shape possible. During auditions, there are so many other things that you should be focusing on that worrying about your body should be the absolute last thing on your mind. Here are some tips for creating a healthier, happier you!

  • You've heard it before, you'll hear it again: Get your sleep and drink water. Getting a full night of sleep is not only important for your physical health, but also for your mind. It's crucial to get your eight hours of sleep each night so that you can be rested and energized for the next day. Next, water is your friend! Drinking a healthy amount of water every day helps flush out your system and keeps your body hydrated. If you're regularly working out, you especially need to make sure that you're getting enough water so that your body doesn't get dehydrated. Keep your immune system up and not only will you look better, but you will feel better, too!
  • Eat breakfast! The first thing that you should do in the morning is eat something for breakfast. I can't stress enough how important this is for your body. Eating breakfast in the morning gets your metabolism moving and your body starts burning those calories. Some may think that it would be better to consume zero calories rather than eating something for breakfast, but that is false. A few healthy suggestions that I have for breakfast foods are eggs, egg whites, turkey (any lean meat), whole grain toast or oatmeal. When it comes down to it, you want to eat some form of protein first thing in the morning.
  • In the words of LMFAO, "I work out!" If you're looking to shed some pounds or even to maintain a healthy current weight, it's important to work out at least a few times a week. If you're planning on auditioning in May and are looking to try out some of the workouts that the DCCs do, you can!

We have several different workout plans, but a popular one is Bar Method. You can follow them on twitter @BarMethodDallas for info. Bar Method consists of toning and sculpting your muscles while you burn those calories. It's a fun way to work out and is geared toward dancers for long, lean muscles. Several of the DCCs used Bar Method to tone muscles before our recent calendar shoot.

Another workout that I have really come to enjoy is Jay's Boot Camp. You can find them on twitter @JaysBootCamp and at locations all across the Metroplex. This boot camp is a high-intensity workout that keeps you moving at all times. Every day that you show up is a different workout, so you never get bored! It keeps your heart rate up with cardio and sculpts your muscles with training exercises. For the past few months, I have been trying to do boot camp at least twice a week and I can definitely see the results. In the words of Jay Johnson, "Sweat is fat crying!"

Some other places you can find DCCs working out are:

Bikram Yoga: This is hot yoga that is good for the body and mind. It has multiple health benefits and is a great way to break a sweat!

Crossfit: We have multiple girls that use crossfit as a great way to get in shape. You can start at any level and you begin to see results fast. A good place to start is @CrossFitAddison.

Zumba: Zumba is a great class for girls that love to dance and are looking for a fun workout. It's easy to forget that you are actually exercising in a Zumba class with some of your girlfriends!

  • Food. Where to begin! There are so many diets out there these days that it can be a whirlwind of your time and money trying to find what works best for you. Try to look at what you eat not as a temporary diet, but as a permanent lifestyle choice. Think of it this way, instead of choosing not to put certain things in your body, elect toput healthy foods in your everyday diet that have health benefits. Make it a goal to put lean protein and vegetables in your everyday routine.

It's better to eat a large quantity of good foods rather than a small amount of bad ones. It's about the quality of the food that you're putting into your body. Some foods that I try to incorporate into my everyday diet are chicken, turkey, fish, spinach, eggs, avocado, berries, almonds, dried fruits, and any vegetables.

Sometimes it can be more expensive to buy a healthy meal consisting of chicken and vegetables instead of a quick, cheap drive-through Taco Bell, but look at it as an investment in yourself. As they say, "You are what you eat." Eating foods that are high in nutrients and give you energy are not only better for your physical appearance, but you will feel better as well.

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