Boniol: Coach Joe Had Great Humor, Respect

IRVING, Texas --Chris Boniol kicked for three seasons (1994-96) under Joe Avezzano and now serves as the Cowboys' kicking/assistant special teams coach, helping Joe DeCamillis fill Avezzano's former position.

Boniol said Avezzano, who passed away Thursday at age 68, blended a "unique" sense of humor with a demanding style of coaching.

"Joe loved being a Dallas Cowboy, and he cared an awful lot about being part of this organization," Boniol said. "He also cared a great deal about having his players be as prepared as possible to do their job.

"He had a very high standard for performance and production from his players. He was also entertaining and could coach with a sense of humor. He was unique in that he could bring humor into the meeting room without having it affect his authority. He made it fun to play for him, but he always demanded respect."

Avezzano's former players and colleagues have shared similar sentiments Thursday. He will truly be missed.

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