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Broaddus: 12 Thoughts From The Preseason Loss to Denver


  • When the Cowboys offensive line studies this tape, they are going to find that they were nowhere near as physical as the Broncos and the quarterbacks and running backs paid the price for those struggles. The protection was too inconsistent across the board and the holes in the running game were nonexistent. It was a bad night all around.

  • It was a big night for Kenneth Boatright and his effort to land that backup defensive end spot on this roster.  These defensive coaches put a lot on his plate and he responded well.
  • I had John Wetzel making this team as the last offensive linemen, but this is two weeks where he hasn't played well enough to make me part ways with Darrion Weems.
  • Feel bad for Ryan Williams not being able to play in this contest. There is a side of me that believed that he would have been able to build on that momentum from last week. His tape and practices have been good enough to make this roster and any other season he might, but the numbers are most likely going to catch up with him.
  • I am still not sold on having a fullback on this roster if it's Tyler Clutts. There were snaps where he went low on a block in the hole and tried to cut. Then the next play he loses sustain on the edge. This offense doesn't need a 50-50 blocker at that position.  
  • My press box eye had Jemea Thomas around the ball in the fourth quarter. I am looking forward to seeing how he played in other snaps and special teams. His ability to play safety and corner might save this club a roster spot.

Photos from the Cowboys final preseason game against the Broncos.

  • Would like to have seen more production out of Devin Street in his route running and ability to separate. He played against the Broncos like he was running in slow motion. There have been times where he played with far more juice, but this game wasn't one of them.
  • Ken Bishop and Davon Coleman continue to impress me with their ability to stay square, hold the point of attack and get rid of blockers. Both of these young guys were hard to move inside against the run and were also able to get some push on the pass.
    • LaRon Byrd should be proud the way he has played these last two weeks. I had hoped before training camp opened that he would have a shot to make this roster if they decided to keep six receivers. It appears that they will go with five, but would not be one bit surprised to see him land in another city and play well.  [embedded_ad]
  • Dustin Vaughan did not have a productive game, numbers-wise, but he once again proved his ability to hang in the pocket, read the defense and attempt to make a good throw. He took a physical beating behind an offensive line that really struggled and was able to live to tell about it.
  • Will Smith just doesn't move well enough right now to really play coverage in this scheme. He can be fine when things are in front of him, but when the ball goes over his head, he struggles.
  • This roster is far from set on its final 53, and I would not be one bit surprised to see Jerry and Stephen Jones, along with Will McClay, work this waiver wire and the phones in an attempt to make the depth on this club better. Not just on the defense but in all areas. This club will look at this as a second draft and they need to take advantage of every move they can make.
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